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#1 16 years ago

My half life freezes constantly, i get through the loading screen sometimes, but when I try to load a level it freezes, i checked to see if it was all downloaded but it said 100% so I tried re-installing the game, now steam just locks my computer up while trying to download it. Here are my comp's specs P4 3.4 ghz Extreme Edition 2 gigs ram ati radeon X800 XT 2X 160 gb Raid 0 Hard Drives Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy 2 I tried downloading new drivers for all of them (sound, video) This is the ONLY game that I have problems with, doom 3 runs perfectly in MAX every video setting at 1280x1024 resolution



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#2 16 years ago

Hmm.... this is bad. It is probably a hard drive issue. But since raid 0 is two hard drives working as one, you cant install it on a different one. Ati releases release notes for all their drivers that include known issues with the specified driver and fixed issues. I do not believe that they update release notes. E.G, the 4.11 cat release notes came out before hl2 so i dont think that it would mention hl2. I am running 4.10 right now. try using those....

But as I said, it sounds like a HD issue. you could also contact vivendi or ATI...