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8th February 2003

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#1 16 years ago
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Have just entered Nova Prospekt, im in the bit where theres the big hall of cells, 3 floors i count, ive ran around and around just cant find a way out! Any help appreciated



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2nd March 2008

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#2 16 years ago

considering most of the parts in nova prospekt are like this could you take s screenshot?


1. go to a place that will help us know where you are... 2. press "print screen" on the keyboard. 3. quickley exit tghe game, for example pressing ctrl and escape will minimize it (but you wont be able to maximize it again so you have to end task it through ctrl alt delete) 4. go to Paint (the microsoft program)\ 5. press ctrl V to pate the pic. 6. save it. make sure its maximum 2.00mb, or else GF wont let you upload it. If it is not you will have to go to i THINK its edit and then attributes. Bassically you have to go to something where it gives you to maximize or minimize the pic with percentages, put like 95 that should get it under 2mb. Then upload the pic onto this thread by "going advanced" (down here where you type there is a button that says "go advanced. or you can just reply...) Then go down a bit and press manage attachmnets and upload your pic.

Wait.... OMG, i just noticed you're not new to the forums, you already knew this. oh well whatever.