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#1 12 years ago

Hi, I have a problem with SandTraps level. I reach the place where Vortigaunt comes out to kill the alien and extract the pheropods. According to the Walkthroughs, the vortigaunt should go through the door after extracting the pheropods, but unfortunately in my case, it stays at the same place and is not taking even a single step. :( Can anyone tell me the reason for this and the remedy. Is there any patch that I need to install or someother tweak ?

Thanks, Karthik

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#2 12 years ago

Welcome to the forums karthik3186! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here. Are you sure that you have picked up the Mirmydont Aromatic Pheropods from the Antlion Guard body after Vortigaunt extracted them? If not, load the level and search guard's body, when you'll pick them up script should trigger the Vort to go on. If that doesn't help try validating Half-Life 2 files by right clicking on it in Steam Games List and then selecting Propertys--->Local Files--->Verify Integrity of Game Cache. Finally if none of those work, load the game from level before or enable console from Keyboard Advanced options and type in 'restart' (without the quote signs). That should reset all level scripts.