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#1 16 years ago

when I play half life 2 i get extremely choppy graphics and low frame rate- now my rig isnt the best: via s3g unichrome igp 512 ram amd athalon xp (2.1 ghz) but heres the thing- the game refuses to let me put the graphics on low (theyre set to medium), when i set them to low, i hit apply. then windows makes a "dong" and im sent back to desktop. basically everytime i change any graphic options im sent back to desktop (and this is a pain cuz the game takes a year to load) and when i DO play the game, it randomly locks and sends me to desktop, like wen i quicksave or when i hit a check point. i got a serious error once, where my computer restarted on me (windows xp and all its wonders, at least its better than a blue screen) and i REALLY need this game- im a hl junkie- please dont say "get a new graphics card" cuz i am, but i wanna play NOW ::whines:: please help!


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#2 16 years ago

ok man i know how you feel youll love this game any ways go to their main page and get the lateset drivers for that card if that dosent work then try doing manully by going in to the cfg file which i think is under steam apps then your user name then hl2 and there should be a folder there that ses config open that and inside will be a text document open that with notepad and don't forget to back up this file first just incase then go thru it and chnge things at your will that you think will help...