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#1 16 years ago

This isn't right. Steam HAS been crashing my computer EVERY time it loads (ON BOOTUP!). It was annoying. I diagnosed the problem, steam is the problem. I kept on restarting my computer, it kept crashing, right at the time steam loaded. I went into safe mode, where nothing else boots but the windows components. I uninstalled steam, BANG! It magically works again! Anyone else have this issue?!confusedx.gif


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29th November 2004

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#2 16 years ago

Ok now this isnt supposed to sound like a flame but.........

Honestly, fix your computer and it will work fine. Chances are you have something wrong with your configuration.

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8th June 2004

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#3 16 years ago

Agreed. Millions of people get on with Steam perfectly, myself included.


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23rd November 2004

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#4 16 years ago

that may be true, but millions of people do not share the same precise hardware and software configuration - so there's got to be some that just won't work (readily) with steam. (can't cover all eventualities.)

the only problem i've had with it is offline mode, since i use a physical switch to connect/disconnect my broadband connection, and i don't like restarting my computer. steam sees that i have been online, and, unless i disable the network and then restart, i can't begin steam in offline mode. if i connect to access steam and then disconnect, of course, it works fine. unless i exit steam completely and then try to run it again without reconnecting. then i have to shut down steam, disable the network, reboot... very annoying. steam people told me: "that's just the way it runs."