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11th September 2004

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Me Well hello there all, name is mobil, real name is Josh, been hanging around these forums for a few months, reading all posts in general, only replying to a few though lol Decided it was probably time to post this I'm 17, live in a place called Orange NSW (Roughly 30 minutes out of Bathurst, anyone into australian or TOCA racing will know this place, home to Mt. Panorama Racetrack). Work in a dead end job at Coles supermarkets, hopefully will be moving into a -better- deadend job pumping gas at United Fuels. Left school after completing yr10, am currently planning to move overseas to help out with a project i've been a part of opening an internet cafe and assisting to run a gaming/technology/application development/programming center & website (still under production, some sites work, some don't) in Vancouver Canada. Have lived in Australia all my life and lived in orange for -most- of it, Lived briefly in Bathurst, Kelso and Rockley, all places around here. I have a girlfriend (Dez) Who lives near Washington DC, we been together for a little under 2 months now, and i love her more than anything else in the world, regardless of the distance between us (Which will soon be reduced, pending approval of my passport and residency in canada). Anything else about my day-to-day life i put in my blog (Click my sig). Basically everything that happens in my day is put in there for all to read, lol. Thats pretty much all about me (Y). Look forward to getting to know alot of you better than i already do :). As alot of people have, i stumbled across this website by pure chance, as in just out of curiosity i typed "" in the addressbar to see if it lead anywhere and i came straight here :D.

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4th August 2003

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Only new members should make an introduction thread.