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18th November 2004

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#21 14 years ago

Welcome, LaraBlue! I, Zuka 'Zamamee of T3h L337 Elites welcome you to these sacred Halls of Gaming! I hope you'll stay a while and enjoy all we have to offer.

A few things you should know- There's been a problem lately with some fridge gnomes being released. The situation is mostly under control, but three of the gnomes remain unaccounted for. If you should see one, immediately discard all cheese, eggnog, and cabbage that you happen to be carrying, and walk away slowly. Leave me a PM and I'll take care of it.

Also, don't feed the AzH without the good protective gear, preferably a MJOLNIR Mk V suit, although earlier models may suffice.

There are indeed more female gamers here than listed. I know Malice the Eumidian is one, and I could've sworn I knew another not on that list...Anyway, happy posting!


What are these damn animals?

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1st July 2004

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#22 14 years ago

Welcome to GF and enjoy your stay.

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12th March 2004

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#23 14 years ago

:agreed think the girls bring a positive aspect to GF just wish they would stay around more

LaraBlue Welcome to GF

Thinking about it.


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10th December 2004

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#24 14 years ago

Lara - we're in Argyll house, marketgait. Area's ok, but I prefer Perth...great for the kids :)


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#25 14 years ago

i think its nice to see some diversity in the forum.