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18th February 2008

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Hello all!

Since I am posting in this section of the forums, you all prob know that I am a new member to the Filefront Forums, so without further adu, Hello Everyone. I'm not sure what info you need or if any of you here will bother to read below the "Hello All" part :p, but here goes anyways.

Real name: - Jeff Real Age: - 33 Nickname: - MRG Define MRG: - I used to work for Cadillac for almost a decade. During the time I was a tech & before I became the Warranty Dept. Admin, a lot of my customers were local farmers & could not always find the time to bring their vehicles in to the shop. So I started making house calls & it only took me being called "Mobile Repair Guy" once for the name to stick or rather MRG for short. Then when BF42 came out, I always played as an Engineer in the various clans I was a part of & of course my name was MRG. Real World Location: - Central Valley, California. Next year I'll be moving the family to the state of Washington. California is just to Hot during the Summer, has too much crime & is to damn expensive. Hobbies: - Fly fishing, camping, skiing for the past 26 years & raced for 7 of them, both G.S. & Nordic. Went snowboarding for the first time last year & took a beating like I have never had before. Still, it was extremely fun & I doubt i'll be going back to skiing any time soon, as snowboarding is where the fun is at. I'm a massive nerd. The song "White & Nerdy" by Wierd Al applies to me almost to a "T". I do tech support for a few different websites for fun. I also type up & submit PC game reviews for fun @ various websites.

Anyone still awake at this point, or are you all fast asleep now? Have I bored you that much? Well if so, you can just kiss my :moon:

Any other info you want, simply ask & i'll provide.


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#2 11 years ago


Nice intro!! You'll fit in just fine here

Don't forget to read the FAQ!!

Have fun on the forums!!

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