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5th September 2009

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#1 9 years ago

First, let me start off by saying what a great site this is for coh resources of all types, dont know how many files ive downloaded from companyofheroes.filefront already..too many to count...keep up the good work Hello , berger6 here (with fries if you want). As you can tell by my choice of username , I'm a big fan of the coH campaigns storyline, particularly the opposing fronts German market garden campaign (I'm fascinated by the history of the whole operation as it happened back in ww2, Ive even visited the hartenstein hotel museum in oosterbeek, Holland)and I'm a fan of any fps or rts game that has an axis sort of campaign(sudden strike, panzer general 2, silent hunter 3, etc.), since theyre pretty rare these days , and its good to experience the story from the 'other side of the hill', as compared to the majority of todays fps and rts games out there , where youre the 'victorious -superman like allies' , etc. (medal of honor /cod anyone ?) Back to CoH , I have all 3 of their games and have been playing coh for several years now and have enjoyed several mods and many custom maps, I think relic designed a good game with good physics, but manages to fix , then mess it up somehow with every patch they make. Still , few RTS's today can match CoH. After 3 years of playing starcraft online back in the day, I vowed to never relive the bad experience ever again of playing against live players(no offense to any good, decent players out there), so I mostly play skirmish/comper stomper 'co-ops' type of games online, preferably with a mod and a custom map. Anyways , I'm glad I found this coh fansite, as there arent a lot of coh- community fansites that look professional and have a welcome type friendly atmosphere.


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#2 9 years ago

Nice introduction post. I like it when people put effort into their posts. :nodding: Welcome aboard. Be a good newbie and read our FAQ before further posting. You'll find some useful stuff in there, like the forum rules and guidelines. Introduction forum Sticky also contains some useful info as well as all Stickies in all forums and subforums, so don't hesitate to read them if you need some additional info. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Have a good time here. :don:

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28th July 2002

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#3 9 years ago


Listen to teh Tricorder, she's our official hand held forum assistance device.

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#4 9 years ago

Great to see a new member who has actually taken the time to write a very nice introduction. ;) Now, glad you like the CoH site on the Network and I believe we have a forum here for that game too. :) Read what Tri posted and you won't get into any trouble. Enjoy the forums and I'll see ya around.

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14th August 2008

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#5 9 years ago

As said before, nice to see such a good introduction post. Doesn't happen quite often. :) Welcome to the FileFront forums. I guess our local scanning device as well as master chief visited the thread earlier than me. =p Have some fun!!!

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8th August 2007

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#6 9 years ago

Hay, welcome to the FileFront. Enjoy your stay :)

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9th December 2003

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#7 9 years ago

Heya mate, WW2 is very interesting. I too am rather interested in OMG. Been to the Oosterbeek museum three times (or four?) and to Arnhem itself a lot more often. :D

I have to go there again soon enough, the museum is supopsed to open this September (in time for the rememberance ceremonie and such) with a new, underground extention it. This so they can put more on display (duh).