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#1 8 years ago

Hey guys,

I'm a german man - I think Germans are very rare here.;)

I'm 19 years old - soon I'll be 20.^^

My home is in Koeln (or Köln, for the Germans here^^) and I love to play on my very weak computer (my computer only has a Pentium IV - very bad, but soon I will buy a new one), my Nintendo Wii and my Nintendo DS - PS3 or X360...both are too expensive for me.

I'm not very well in English, so...just ignore some mistakes.;):D

EDIT: Oh, I see, in the title is a mistake...damned^^

Hope I will have fun here.

See you!

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#2 8 years ago

Germans aren't quite as rare as you'd think around here...hell, one of our top administrators, MrFancypants, is a Kraut himself. :)

Anyway, welcome to the forums. I'm Zam, originally from Croatia, now living in Ohio. I'm 20, turning 21 next month, and I also have a relatively old computer by today's standards (Pentium Dual Core and an 8800GT)...used to have an Xbox 360 but I sold it.

And don't worry about your English, we understand you just fine. ;)



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10th September 2010

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#3 8 years ago

Do u shave ur pits?



I didn't make it!

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#4 8 years ago

Well, hello there, Mr. Anderson.



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#5 8 years ago

didn't know west germany still exisited, but hello.

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#6 8 years ago

[COLOR=orange]I am pleased to welcome you to the forums. :don:[/COLOR] I know what you go through with that Pentium IV. Mine is also a IV, but it serves my needs well enough.


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11th January 2008

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#7 8 years ago

Hey there and a friendly "Grieß Gott un ä schänner Schbass do errum" from Trier. ;) Now we need someone from Mainz and we can open up a new "Rheinischer Kurverein". =p

Anyway, since it's an English-language forum... do you have any specific games you like to play? Or any game series? KotOR maybe? :deal: By the by, despite of what our forum appearance may make you believe, we also like to discuss other problems than just gaming (take a look at the Pub, the Entertainment forum, the General Discussion, ...). There are tours every half hour.

Have a nice time! (Sure you will ;)) :cya:


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#8 8 years ago

Welcome mate, are you sure you are 19, almost 20 years old or are you living in the past of 20 years ago? They did break down that wall you know... ;)

Herzlich willkomen zum FF Gaming Forums! Viel spaß! Tschuss! :wave:

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#9 8 years ago

A fellow Ariel fan?? (The avatar)


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13th September 2010

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#10 8 years ago

West Germany?