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#1 7 years ago

Hey:cool: this Vishwas from India,21 years old and a final year management student. I have a lot of interest in games and vehicles and i like the simulation games a lot so we ll rock our world here!


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#2 7 years ago

Hi there Vishwas. Welcome to the forums.

Interesting course of study. Not one I'd personally have chosen though, I suck at terms and understanding that's related to management. :p

Say, happen to like RPG or FPS games, too? If so, you might want to check out the KotOR section, a great game.

Lastly, it'd be appreciated if you could check out the FAQ – it contains the set of guidelines as well, which is very essential.

Have fun.

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I didn't make it!

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#3 7 years ago

Welcome, newbie. :don: I don't like vehicles and I prefer not to throw rocks around the world, so excuse me for not sharing your interests. =p


If you're into that kind of stuff, Graeme Kyrillix here sucks.[/SIZE] :naughty: :D