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#1 8 years ago

hello~, I am ruby~~


I didn't make it!

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#2 8 years ago

Hello. I am C-3P0, human-cyborg relations. I am fluent in over six million forms of communication. =p Would you like me to show you my favorite form of communication? :naughty: :D


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#3 8 years ago

Hello there, welcome to the forum! Be good and have fun around here, hope to see you around!

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#4 8 years ago

Welcome Ruby, are you polished or unpolished? Cut or uncut? :chuckle: And from which mine do you orginate?

Welcome aboard!

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#5 8 years ago

[COLOR=orange]Welcome to our little nuthouse.:don: I am always glad to meet another ruby. I should introduce you to my own small collection of rubies. I have a feeling that you all might get along quite well.[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange]Ruby%20Gemstone.jpg[/COLOR]