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#1 7 years ago

Hello to all GameFront members. My name is Phelion. 21 years old. I play games from when I was child. My favorite game is Metal Gear Solid for PS1. And all others MGS serials but first one is favorite.

Also I'm big RPG fan. Especially Japanese RPGs.

Nice to meet you guys ^^

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#2 7 years ago

Hello there Phelion. Welcome to FF.

Judging by your signature, I'll assume you're a PS fan. I personally am not quite a big fan of the games they have available, so I went for the Xbox 360 instead. They've some nice exclusives, too (*Pokes about Fable 2*).

Beside that, I'm a massive RPG fan as well. Not particularly JRPGs, although these are not exactly bad, but do love well-known titles such as the Mass Effect, KotOR, Two Worlds, and TES series.

Before I bring my reply to a closure, I'd like to request you to take a look at our guidelines. It's very important that you do so, in-case you haven't as of yet. You can view them here: http://forums.filefront.com/faq.php?faq=gaming_forums_faq#faq_guidelines

Having said that, have fun. Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

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#3 7 years ago

Welcome to FileFront Forums; one of the craziest places around!

Drop in over at the Spam Forum sometime, that's where all the action is. Don't tell anybody I told you though. Shhh. :)


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#4 7 years ago
Phelion;5546469Also I'm big RPG fan. Especially Japanese RPGs.

What about hentai? :naughty: =p Welcome. :don:


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#5 6 years ago

Oh yeah, hentai FTW :D

Thanks everyone!