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I didn't make it!

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#1 6 years ago

Hi I'm Breeed :)

glad to be a member on Game Front!

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#2 6 years ago

[COLOR=SeaGreen]Hello, and welcome aboard the FGS FileFront! I trust you have studied the rulebook well, as there are some hidden rules that MUST be obeyed. The laws are as follows:[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]1. Thou shalt read [COLOR=Orange][COLOR=red]the Rules/FAQs[/COLOR][/COLOR] as they are very useful, and may save you a great deal of trouble in the future.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]2. Thou shalt carefully study all of the Forum Maps, as hiring a guide can often become quite expensive.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]3. Thou shalt have no other forums before me, for I, the FileFront Forums, am a jealous Forum.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]4. Thou shalt not take the name of the Forums in vain, for the Moderators shall not hold him guiltless that taketh their name in vain.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]5. Thou shalt honor thy Admins and thy Moderators, so that thy days may be long upon the Forums which FileFront hath given thee.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]6. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s avatar, nor their signature, nor their rank, nor their post count, nor anything that is thy neighbor’s.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]7. Thou shalt not advertize, lest thy advertisements be swallowed into The Abyss.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]8. Thou shalt not bump any thread of an age greater than 6 months.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]9. Thou shalt not plagiarize.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]10. Thou shalt not make serious posts within the Spam Forum.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]11. Thou shalt keep Graeme supplied with fresh beer and coffee.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]12. Thou shalt not feed any of the other moderators, lest they become dependant upon your cooking to keep themselves alive.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]13. Thou shalt salute the good Admiral Donutz.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]14. Thou shalt not touch Kyle’s llamas, nor shalt thou feed them, nor interact with them in any way, for thou shalt be doomed to walketh the plank.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]15. Thou shalt not attempt to cook Spam, as it is only good when consumed raw. The results of attempting to consume cooked Spam usually prove to be fatal.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]16. Thou shalt not bring any outside alcohol into the pub. Thou shalt drink only from the alcohol already there.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]17. Thou shalt tip the waiter.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]18. Thou shalt keep off the grass.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]19. Thou shalt not run near the water.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]20. Thou shalt not run with scissors.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]21. Thou shalt not touch the artwork.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]22. Thou shalt not double post.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]23. Thou shalt not stare at the locals, as it makes them nervous.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]24. Thou shalt not activate thy lightsabers outside of the designated training areas.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]25. Thou shalt not bring droids into the cantina, unless their programming functions are strictly for the purpose of aiding the hearing-impaired or sight-impaired.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]26. As always, the first round of drinks is with the cantina’s compliments on one condition, you leave the war outside.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]Any transgressions shall be treated most harshly. If you obey these rules, you should not have many problems around here. I hope you have fun.[/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen] [/COLOR] [COLOR=SeaGreen]That is all. DISMISSED![/COLOR]




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#3 6 years ago

Screw ten commandments, we got twenty-six.

Welcome; hope you enjoy your stay. Oh and don't feed the moderators.


I didn't make it!

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#4 6 years ago
Breeed;5603095Hi I'm Breeed :)

Excellent. I'm always up for some "bree[COLOR="Red"]e[/COLOR]ding", if you catch my drift. :naughty: =p Welcome. :don:

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#5 6 years ago
Totes;5603178Screw ten commandments, we got twenty-six. Welcome; hope you enjoy your stay. Oh and don't feed the moderators.[/QUOTE] Bull crap. You'd better feed me. [QUOTE=Tricorder;5603194]Excellent. I'm always up for some "bree[COLOR=red]e[/COLOR]ding", if you catch my drift. :naughty: =p Welcome. :don:

Tehehe. On that bombshell! WELCOME!!!