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#1 8 years ago

Hello, my name is MegaRevolution1,and ugh, I guess I'll start explaining who i am. I am a gamer, but I only like old games like mario, sonic, Kirby, etc., I hate shooting games and most new games like simulated ones. I got into forum sites with the help of the awesome site called vizzed.com, I type with great spelling and grammar, I make vary little mistakes when typing, I follow the rules everywhere, I am very polite/ nice to people, I had a girlfriend once but I moved away :'( , my favorite book is named skulduggery pleasant, I work good with HTML codes (such as layouts for example.), I have a lot of friends, and I think that's it for now. Any questions you want to know about me, just ask. But be polite please.

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#2 8 years ago

[COLOR=orange]I too, am rather nostalgic for old games. I grew up with Donkey Kong and Mario on the SNES. When it comes to shooting games, I will forever remember 007 GoldenEye.[/COLOR] [COLOR=orange] [/COLOR] [COLOR=orange] [/COLOR] [COLOR=orange]It’s also great so see someone with perfect grammar. It’s hardwired into me because of my Grandmother being an English professor.[/COLOR]



I didn't make it!

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#3 8 years ago

Well, you told more about yourself in one post than I did about myself in all of my posts so far. =p Old games, you say, hmm? Can you interest you in a round of Contra? :deal:

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Welcome aboard the ISS FileFront, btw. :salute:

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#4 8 years ago

Welcome MR! There are some very nice classic games for sure. Though in your memory the resolution was higher then when looking back again years later. That's quite funny. But the most important aspect is gameplay. :)