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#1 9 years ago

I am obviously new to the forums. Anyway my name is Shay and my MMORPG of choice is called Ryzom. Not a whole lot of people play it, which is why I like it- everything seems much smoother and runs a lot faster without a lot of users. I am really into this game at the moment so I am sure the bulk of my posts will be on it. I also own a PS2, Gamecube, and Game Boy Advance. I have them specifically for Final Fantasy titles. I love those games.


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#2 9 years ago

Hey there! Welcome to the FileFront Gaming Forums. Your first stop should be the FAQ if you haven't already. It's located at the top of the page on the left side. I'm an MMO fan myself although I've never heard of Ryzom. From what I read, it looks like a F2P game. Runs smooth? I might check it out some time. Mostly what makes MMO's a pain in the neck is the lag from all the players (specifically speaking of WoW). =p Man, those streets are crowded in the cities. Yeah, but I don't play it anymore, it might of even grown a bit since I quit! Haha. ;)

Well, you enjoy your stay and don't be afraid to ask if you have any questions. I'd be happy to help out. ;)

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#3 9 years ago

Heya mate, I'm not really into MMO's (well an MMO WW2 strategy culd be cool but it would also be rather demanding if you'd really devote yourself to it...). Anyway, to each his own, have fun! :)


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#4 9 years ago

Welcome aboard, newbie. Another MMORPG fan, huh? Well, we have plenty of those here. Personally, I prefer FPS and RTS games, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends, right? Hmm... that's pretty much all I have to say for now. Later. :cool:

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#5 9 years ago

Hello there, Shay! Welcome aboard the FileFront Gaming Forums. I see you're an MMORPG fan, ey. That's definitely a good thing. As Tricorder said; we've got plenty of MMO addicts here! Including me... well, formerly. I've been more on the side of World of Warcraft though. Haven't heard about Ryzom, though. Anyway, please read the FAQ/Rules, as suggested by Delta. Taking a look at our local sticky would be wise as well. :)


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#6 9 years ago


Read the Rules and have fuN!

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