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3rd February 2021

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#1 2 months ago

Hi, I guess. Sorry if I'm doing something wrong, I just thought you were meant to introduce yourself. 

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I'm spending a year dead for tax reasons.

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Danny King | Editor-in-Chief | GameFront.com 


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18th February 2021

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#3 2 months ago

Hello Back here yet again been off File front since Many years ago, Got married and all of that lol, Not that any of that is for the faint harded, at all, But funny thing is I rember how this gaming on line has changed so much frome when I was back then to now.  This is for the newer gamers out there yes I'm dyslexic, who cares, right then, back in time now at least 2005 File front as I knew it, now re named as "Gamefront".

  If your looking and reading it this used to be , oh nevermind, But I remember gamers and testers of up and coming "games" such as COD using the mods section of this web page, to test what the gamers thought and tested maps for glitches. I miss that as now most companies use their own gamers to test them out and report them which I dont and many of the other players that I used to play against would also give their opptions in testing the maps on MP as I did with them, So the point is yes Game front is good, but it used to be so much better with big comanies using it, to promote their games, now big companies use tv and internet media, with out testers like you and me and the like, these games would'nt exist, ie COD, and many others. Keep Well and Stay Safe.

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12th June 2008

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#4 1 month ago

Welcome back!

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