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I didn't make it!

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#1 15 years ago

Hello all me name is June... aka Knite ! I been playing Jedie Academy for some time now . I'm part of the ~RA~ clan "Reborn~ Angels" .. I'v been here before .. just look at helpful tipz semms to be the best forume for help . OK bout myself I live in the middle of nowhere.. Go to school in the day and work fulltime at night as well. but enough babbling .look forward to meet some of you all KniTe

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23rd September 2004

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#2 15 years ago

Welcome to Gaming Forums! :cya: I'm sure you'll get to know inyri. :p See you around.

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6th December 2004

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#3 15 years ago

Welcome and read the FAQ! cya.gif

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17th June 2003

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#4 15 years ago

Stop by the Jedi Academy forums if you haven't already, great section with a great moderator. :) If you need any help with anything, don't hesititate to ask. :)

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12th March 2004

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#5 15 years ago

Hi and hope you have a good time here

Thinking about it.

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9th December 2003

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#6 15 years ago

You will wub are JKA forums then! :nodding: Happy posting over there, read the FAQ and enjoy your stay!


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14th April 2004

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#7 15 years ago

welcome to the forums see ya in JKA forums :cya:


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9th April 2005

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#8 15 years ago

Hallo and velcome to ze Gaming Forums! See joo around ze forums! :)

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#9 15 years ago

welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay

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17th April 2005

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#10 15 years ago

Hello and welcome to the forums buuddy!

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