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#1 11 years ago


Friends this is Nevaeh. I am newbie here and this is my first visit also. I am here to get some knowledge about SEO. I am very happy to join this forum. I am actually looking forward to learning more about SEO. I know some stuff about SEO but I am not yet an expert and I have a lot to learn. I think that this forum has some interesting points. I am very happy to join this forum and I want to wish all the beginners a huge best of luck and am making sure to you all that you all will enjoy your stays here.

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#2 11 years ago

Hey there, Nevaeh and welcome to the FileFront forums. We are happy that you chose to become a member of our community as well. However, I'm not sure whether this is the right place to focus on SEO, but there's no harm done posting about it in the Technical Discussion forum. Could you also take a quick look at the FileFront FAQ and Guidelines pretty please? That'd be greatly appreciated. Any questions? Ask around!

Enjoy. :)

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#3 11 years ago

SEO? :uhm:

Well err welcome aboard anyway, we got plenty of gaming forums and a general section to mess about in so.. enjoy!


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#4 11 years ago
Admiral Donutz;5229934SEO? :uhm:


I have no idea what SEO is but I'll use my expertise Googling skills to find out. ;) [5 seconds later] Search Engine Optimizer? That's the only thing I got, don't know if that's it or not. =p But whatever it might be I wish you the best of luck.

Read the Rules and stay out of trouble and you'll have fun here. Enjoy your stay! :)

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#5 11 years ago


Enjoy your time here and I hope you find what you need about this illusive SEO!

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#6 11 years ago

Seeking knowledge about SEO you are, hmm? Yes, dangerous is a path to the SEO side of the... wait. I think I mixed something up here. =p Anyway, welcome aboard from me too. Yes, I know, I'm late. Don't blame me. Blame my computer. =p See ya. Maybe. :cool:


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#7 11 years ago

Hello both of you! I just noticed this intro forum up here *blushes*


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#8 11 years ago

I don't know what SEO is, but of course I wanna welcome you. Enjoy your time here and post a lot! And add the forum!