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#11 10 years ago

Hi J. I'm Q. How do you do?

And shame on above staff. You forgot to tell them to read the FAQ. I'll have you reported for it. =p

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#12 10 years ago

Hi J, I'm the original awesomefayce, pleased to meet you.

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#13 10 years ago

[COLOR=deepskyblue]Hey! I'm Kairu and I am also new here, pleased to meet ya! I have been better, and I have also been worse, but hey it's now that counts, though I have been a bit too clingy to Lizzie, oh wait! Hi! If ya want to know all sorts of things about me --- Culture Club! --- sorry, yea I should still be in the thread right next to this one. So it's nice to meet ya! ZOMG! It is this song! :eek: :rofl::beer: (hopefully the smilies will time up to where it tips the beer)[/COLOR]

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