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#11 16 years ago

:cya: Hallooo!.....and welcome....sorry I can't help 'cause I'm not a techie

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#12 16 years ago

sorry i'm not really a techie....But welcome to GF anyway.:cya:


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#13 16 years ago

in reply to the original question on this thread there is no point in getting ne sort of geforce mx card because they do not work on this game wot so ever. I had a GeForce 4 MX 440 128mb video card and that just wouldn't work at all. One of the main reasons for this is... i just dont know they didnt make they game for this type of card in mind. You would have thought EA would have tested more cards but no they didnt. your only option to play this game is to buy a new video card but remember do not get ne Geforce mx card. If you are wondering how i know this there is another thread on this forum where many ppl have had this error message appear and have come to terms with the fact they need to get a new video card, also the mx cards will not be compatible with future games being released. Hope that was of some help. By the way the vidoe card i got was an ATi Radeon 9600 Pro 256mb ddr card and that works beutifully.

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