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Welcome to Gaming Forums. You have registered with us and can now participate in discussion on this forum. We are happy that you chose to be a member of our little community and we hope to see you active on the forum. Before you get on with the posting, there are a couple of things you need to remember:

- When you registered, you checked a little box indicating that you accept the forum rules. If you by any chance just checked the box without reading, it would be a good idea to actually read the forum rules. There are not many you need to know and it would be stupid to get yourself banned now that you have registered. The Forum Guidelines can be found here.

- You may from time to time have various questions about how to use the forum and the options you have. Many of the most commonly asked questions are answered in the FAQ, which can be found here

- If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ, you can post you question in the General Feedback forum. Here you can also post questions, comments, and error reports regarding FileFront and FilesNetwork.

If you encounter a bug on the forum or if you have a question you suspect only an Administrator can answer, you can ask your question here.

- On this forum we have a strict policy regarding advertisement. We do not want people advertising their own sites all over the forums. However, we do have a forum specifically for advertising, which can be found here. Please do not introduce yourself in this forum while advertising your own site. About the Introduce Yourself forum

- This forum is for new members to introduce themselves to the community and perhaps make their first posts 'in a secure environment'. This means that you should not make new introduction threads if you are an older member. This forum is for new members; please respect that.

- Please do not use this forum to recruit members for your clan. We have a general forum for clan recruitment, which can be found here, and each individual game forum has its own clan forum too.

Now, with that done, you should be more than ready to go out and enjoy Gaming Forums

PropheticKarma, Introduction Forum Moderator __________________ [color=red]Administrator Note:[/color]

You are more than welcome to "welcome" new members to this forum. We don't want to see spam, rows of you replying just to gain post count, or telling people to read the faq once someone else has already said it. Failure to comply to these simple intro forum rules will result in the possibility of your posts being removed (including the post count),your access to this forum removed as well as the possibility of being banned.

The reason for these simple rules is because some people take advantage of the simple things and we must act upon it. We have moderators in place. If you notice someone breaking these rules please report them to a moderator, super moderator or an administrator and we will deal with the person in question.

Thanks - Oh yea, Welcome to the forums newbies!! (thanks for registering).

[color=red] gizmo, Gaming Forums Senior Administrator[/color]