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I didn't make it!

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#1 12 years ago

Hi, hows everyone doing. I'm new here :) duh! First let me say; this is the biggist gaming Forum I have ever seen.:eek: Second; I'm now a member of it!:eek:


I think Mary Poppins is fit.

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13th July 2006

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#2 12 years ago

I'm sorry but their is only one Dr on this forum and that is me, so thankyou come again under a different name. :vikki:

Joking, welcome to the forums buddy. Have a fantastic time and enjoy posting. Don't forget to read the FAQ and you're all set :)

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18th April 2006

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#3 12 years ago

What about Dr.Fritz? Anyhow, welcome to the forum. Have fun posting. :)

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28th July 2002

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#4 12 years ago

Shhhh.... Do not mention Dr.Fritz to Dr.Riot, they have been having an epic fued of who is the greatest proctologist of them all. It hase been a bloody fued with thousands of innocent asses being damaged or scarred for life. Millions may perish before the end, but one shall triumph and become Proctologist Man, and then all the asses in the world shall pucker up in fear!!!

o, and welcome

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9th December 2003

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#5 12 years ago

I'm doing fine, bit tirsty though. How are you doing? Welcome btw!


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29th May 2003

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#6 12 years ago

Welcome Dr. Q.

I have a rather bizzare ailment which I hope you can cure - I like cheese...


Hi, im bored

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19th July 2006

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#7 12 years ago

hey there! welcome to the forums. enjoy your stay!