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#1 15 years ago

Hi, I am Rob.:cya: You may remeber me from such forums as "Who are ya?" and "We don't need no stinking Noobs".:eek: If not don't worry because unless they really exist I made them up about 30 Seconds ago.:naughty: Well I will be updating my vCard soon and my profile.:nodding: Anyone who uses Svencoop may know who I am but not neccessarily. I basically play games :cool: And fix my PC when it dies :mad: I will be around every day or so.:) See You All Soon.:cya:

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#2 15 years ago

Hi Rob, pleased to meet you. I am Rob. :wave:

I don't watch shows sorry, I am soulbound to these forums. You can find me lurking in "new posts" or "OMFG ban that n00b!oneoneleven". Nice work on the profile, speaking about that I will be adding my Biography to the FAQ "soon" aswell.

Seeing you play games (No way!) you fit in on GamingForums perfectly. Check out the large number of General Chit Chat Forums or one of our Game Forums. While you are at it check out the FAQ for forum rules. In addition you can PM me with any question you might have. I think you will enjoy our General Discussion, Pub and Spam Forum a lot! Incase you need help fixing your PC visit the Tech Discussion. If you became sick and tired of all those hyperlinks then go here.

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#3 15 years ago

hi. :cya: You don't need to use smilies at the end of ever sentence. :nodding: Thanks. :lookaround:

*ahem* Right, so...welcome to the forums. Read the FAQ and enjoy your stay.

And since Dönitz said every main forum except it, stop by the Graphics Department.