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2nd January 2009

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#1 10 years ago

I'm just saying hi!!!

I'm beau i have never really liked forums coz of the amount of rules but hopefully i have placed this topic O.o in its appropriate spot???

anyway im a PC gamer also do xbox and Xbox live...

but i get a real kick out of building systems thats my life goal repairing and building pc systems my current pc was built from working at domino's pizza O.o yeah lol gimmie a break im 15

anyway i have used the closest and cheapest parts i could find to build my rig.....and well my mates are continuisly in aww over it....

anyway please say hi makes me fell more comfortable and lest stressed about dodgy forum rules and guid lines!!!! CYAS!!!


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#2 10 years ago

Greetings. Welcome to the forums. So, you're not so comfortable with so much rules around, huh? I can assure you that all rules are there for a reason. Without the rules (and people to enforce them), this place would quickly turn into chaos and become a warzone. Therefore, be so kind to read them (and FAQ) before further posting. Trust me; it's for your own good. If you're unclear about any specific rule, you can ask any staff member for help. So, be cool and see you around. :cool:


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23rd April 2007

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#3 10 years ago

Welcome to FileFront forums. I sincerely hope you enjoy it here. And if I may consider our rules like your countries laws. They are here to protect and keep the peace nothing more :D.

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13th July 2006

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#4 10 years ago

Hey, welcome mate. Don't shoot the rules and the rules won't shoot you =] Simple, really ;)