were can i play Pinball online ? 2 replies

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#1 15 years ago

I am a 60 years old and only a month ago I got a computer and started to use Internet. I am not used to navigate the Web. I tried a lot to find a game room to play the 3D Space Cadet Pinball game but only found stores that sell the game machine. THOUSANDS of sites plenty of shopings. The words ONLINE, GAME ROOM, PLAY and some more I used to search just gave me places to buy. I have not money to buy anything. And dont want it too. The reason of my quest is that a gipsy womam read my hand, in a bus station, five years ago, (50 yaers old) and she said that when I become 60 years I could earn some money playng this game. She said I had one program in my computer and i should try a little, also said that I could get a very high score, greater then evreyone had ever got, she said some numbers, I gave not much atention to her at that time but last week I saw some gipsys, in my home town, reading peoples hands near the street were i live and I remebered the words of that one. She said that in a folder GAMES in my computer there was this game. I never looked that Games folder so I got surprised. Never played too. So I started to play and guess what ? In half an hour, just a few games, I got scores over 7 millions and one day after got one more then 10 millions. I can make 3 or 4 millions points in all my games today. She said too that when I got these scores was the time to me access some play room on Internet and try to play online. She said too that I would lost a lot of time searching by myself and would not find any place. These last words I only rembered today, few minutes ago. That is why I am here in this forum: SHE SAID that HERE, in FILE FRONT, some one would give an address were I will play a lot and get some bux ( she used this word : BUX ) So I am awaiting for answers, I mean site adresses. :confused: - English is not my native language so excuse me for some mistakes i did :)


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#2 15 years ago

Hey Luiz, Welcome to FF, the site of your dreams. In general gaming i forsee your answers becoming apparent. please enjoy your stay.

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#3 15 years ago

Welcome Luiz,

You must be one of the older members here, we don't have a lot of people with the age of 40 and above. Good to see that that doesn't keep you from posting though.

I'm afraid not too many people here know about online pinnball websites where you can win money so you might have better luck using www.google.com instead. But don't let that keep you from posting here! Enjoy!