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question 1: is it possible ot create a dedicated server with cheats in it? cause me and my friend want to try to be in the same server with cheats and stuff.

and question 2: can someone give me the name of a good JKA MOD, i want some good modifications and i dunno which one to get.




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#2 13 years ago

For cheats if you are on game: rcon devmap "mapname" An example would be devmap mp/ffa4. Or in server console: devmap mp/ffa4. Another way is sv_cheats "1" in the server.cfg

About mods: Alot of people seem to use JA+, which comes with a number of things on by default that I think alter the gameplay a bit too much. You can go through the JA+ server .cfg and set it up however you want though.

I tend to like Xmod for servers I make off my computer. It just seems a bit simpler and the settings in the server.cfg have an explanation for each of them. You can also make JK2 style gameplay with XMod. Not sure if that is your thing or not lol. The most current version of Xmod is 2.8.1 which can be gotten at http://www.chopshopservers.com/files/xmod/

Note: I don't use the "saberdectection.cfg" in that .zip as I don't think that comes with default xmod.

Also, there is clanmod which has some cool features and hopefuly will turn out to be a popular mod. You can find it on JK2files or http://www.theroarclan.com/mpmods.php

There are other mods out there but I haven't played them enough to comment on them ;)

-Edit- I see you already posted this somewhere else and got an answer.