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8th March 2008

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#1 10 years ago

Ok, I went through on a map downloading spree and got about 40+ new dual / FFA maps -- only 8 of which were duds due to errors or texture issues.

However one I found was pure gold - Fearis Incident, Jedi Knight 3 Downloads, Jedi Knight 3 Duel - and Im surprised its is the *ONLY* map (thus far) which has HEAPS of destructible, interactive, throwable and activatable objects! It gave me the nostalgic moment watching the Empire Strikes Back when Darth Vader is throwing stuff at Luke in the middle of their duel!

Ok, so the map wasnt 100% perfect - the elevators killed me and my brother more than we did each other, and often trying to throw stuff at each other, resulted in our own deaths. But still I LOVE interactive environments! And smashing bricks into my brothers face! And blowing myself up with explosive crates! Not just hours -- but DAYS of fun! :P

I did find one other map which had two movable objects and some destroyable guard rails: the Battle above Coruscant from Ep III. But... even though that map is also gold in detail and environment, it was only a couple of moving objects really :\

Two basic questions out of this:

1. Are there any more *good* maps with destructible / throwable / breakable / activate-able objects that I have not found yet?

2. If not, could someone make one for me? like that scene from the Darth Vader and Luke battle I just described? XD

But yeah -- the main reason why I didn't choose to put this into a "mod request" section is I just wanted to talk about this... I know Im relatively new to the online community of JKA, but I am just so surprised that out of so many maps I've downloaded and played *thus far* there have been little - or no - interactive objects - except for doors and elevators of course :3