A server everybody respawns in the same place,how to do that? -1 reply

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#1 9 years ago

I find a server,everybody respawns in the same place.Some people told me, I probably went onto a Lugormod/Clanmod server.But the server is MOD2.4,not Lugormod or Clanmod.Do you know how to do that,please help me ,thank you . Besides,The service don't have small shield booster and medipack,how to do that?can you tell me ?thank you。 Most impotent,there have some people can use force grip attack other people when other people in protect sphere,please look careful,is green protect sphere,not force protect.General, a people can't use force grip attack his enemy when his enemy in protect sphere,but some people can!And that is MOD2.4 server,not Lugormod or Clanmod. Do you know?please help me ,thank you very much. :confused:


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#2 9 years ago

Heya mate, welcome to our forums :) I assume you are talking about the spawn points where players spawn when the map starts, these are determined by the placement of the spawning entities that are placed in the map while it is being made. I dont know of any way to change this ingame, but maybe someone who is more familiar with this MOD 2.4 can help you further. :) Noz