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#11 12 years ago

Windows Vista as just come out so most game developers are making it for Vista. Thus, re-doing the game.


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#12 12 years ago

Halo 2, for example, is coming out on PC. Only Vista, though, so I will not get it. I have heard Vista is not that stable yet.


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31st October 2006

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#13 12 years ago

well personally i dont think Pc games are dying for me most of the time im on my computer playing pc games like Flyff,Quake 3,Jedi academy, and WoW, it keeps me busy so i can chat wiht my friedns on xfire and other IM's. So my answer would be no, pc games aren't dying on my part anyway



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9th August 2006

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#14 12 years ago

vista is very stable, but if you want all the graphical options that makes vista look new, then its a resource eater. but you can disable it to look xp or old 95 square, if you want it for its features and not visuals then its pretty good OS, but if you want stability and visuals then Linux Ubuntu puts vista to shame :)

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#15 12 years ago

JohnppHalo 2, for example, is coming out on PC. Only Vista, though, so I will not get it. I have heard Vista is not that stable yet.[/QUOTE]Vista's perfectly stable these days. The only real beef most people have with it is the fact that retro-compatibility is still being worked on. Although personally I'm glad Microsoft left that one 'til the end, since an OS should work with the software designed for it before they focus on making it work with everything else. Microsoft did it that way round for XP, and we all know what happened there.

Vista, and the new capabilities it offers, are the next step in evolution as far as games are concerned. Game engines focused around DX10 can be faster, smarter, more versatile, and should by all accounts be able to render environments whose number of square miles is comparable to the extraordinary amount of counterfeit jeans on sale in Brazil.

As far as FPS are concerned, it's out with Deathmatch, and in with full-scale warfare. RPGs are going to turn over a new leaf and follow Morrowind's example - only much bigger than Morrowind's 3000 NPCs, 37000 hand-crafted map objects, and a world so big it makes most MMORPGs small by comparison. Say goodbye to 32-slot servers and watch as capacities skyrocket. Gaze on in awe as genres begin to merge in ways they've never managed to pull off before.

Look at the technology, it's all there - x64, SLI, new DVD formats with more capacity than your alcoholic uncle, bigger and faster harddrives that are getting cheaper and cheaper, and another large list of abbreviations which will probably mean nothing to most of you. We've had all this for a while, yes, but now we've also got the capabilities to use it.

This is why PCs make consoles irrelevant. Consoles are replaced. Computers evolve. Consoles are based around one specific element - to a console, a 3D model is polygons configured to deform in a certain way. To a computer, it doesn't matter whether it's a 3D model, a Sega Genesis sprite, or a 17-dimensional solid gold statue of the Pope. Everything your PC renders is basically ones and zeros, and that's why it's so adaptable. At the core, computers use the same language for everything, and the language is the very same one it's always been and always will be. Hence why you need to replace your oversized paperweight - er, sorry, I meant games console - every year or two, but you'll never need to replace a computer.

Just stick in a few new components - preferably not while screaming "DIGI-MODIFY!", seriously, you watch too much Cartoon Network, go get a social life - and hey presto. As for upgrade prices, I believe the BBC presenter David Dickinson would say "Cheap as chips!".

Here's a brain killer for you chimps: next time you're playing a game on your PC, just remember to laugh at all the idiots who say a calculator isn't a gaming platform. =p

OMG hey we got some off-topicness here! Well, actually, it's a tip for khfanares. >_>

Spoiler: Show

[quote=khfanares]playing pc games like FlyffWord of advice - if you don't want to level at a snail's pace, you need to get in a party. Aeonsoft designed the game so that it rewards teamwork rather than going solo all the time - if you never join up with people, then you get experience penalties.

However, as you should know, parties drain your exp because it's shared out. There's a little trick to it though - get in an advanced party (that is, a party that's at PartyLevel 10+; you can usually see people recruiting for them in the shout channel), make sure Exp Distribution is set to contribution (which it usually is anyway) and get a partner who is 19 levels below you. Then, go level up out of range of all the other party members except your partner; everyone else except your partner should show up as a grey box in the party window.

Your exp bonus will shoot through the roof like a Chinese firework. Your partner gets a ton of exp because it's coming from monsters 19-24 levels above them, and you get a real ton of exp because of the bonuses from being in a full party, and what's more you don't have to share it with seven other people, just one. It's a win-win for both of you.

Partner with a full support Assist/Ringmaster for maximum effect. Buffs and heals are always beneficial, as is having someone on hand if you should ever need a resurrect - just don't let yourself or your build become dependent on them.

Using this method, you get all the rewards of being in a team, but none of the exp sharing. It's a bit cheap, true, but at least you avoid the exp penalties you get when you avoid other players like the plague, plus you may just benefit from the two Party Skills which enhance your drop rates, Fortune Circle and GiftBox.

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.


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#16 12 years ago

Im quite sure there is a new game coming to PC's using the FarCry Engine...

Also, a side note...

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Kouen, I am mad you know all that about FlyFF, I tried the game and got bored after 3 minutes... lol, naw I'm kidding, its all personal preference right??


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22nd October 2006

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#17 12 years ago

Pc games are somewhat dying out but not completely because games like JA and Sims 1 and 2 have sites like these where u can make your game alive customize things about it.

How ever another thing that keeps Pc games up are its MMORPG (for those of u who don't know what that is its a Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) those keep going accept for those turbo nerds who stay on for ever and get to lvl 60 8 times then decide its boring (no offense to people who do that though) Games like WoW give you an adventure so that it sucks you in gives you good items (or powers [thanks Coh]) so that you keep playing and strive to get that item ect.

These games rock the only bad part is having to pay monthly which eats our pay checks (for people who dot get payed much that sucks) although I know why they do it (because of updates they need funding) I don't like it.

So I'm basically saying that there are ways you can make your Pc games new and alive (again) u just have to not be lazy and go find them.

P.S. They need to make more MMORPG games though.

P.S.S This is one of the longest post I have ever done.


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4th July 2005

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#18 12 years ago
I've noticed that there arent too many new shooter games or anything fun being released for PC lately.

make your own ^^

There are still making like 700$ video cards and no good games too play

spend $500 on an nvidia 8800 and get THIS! And THIS! :D


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#19 12 years ago

All a company really needs to do is make a esque design for their online systems. You don't need an MMORPG to make money on games 3-5 years old. I really wouldn't give a crap about advertisements in the lobbies and stuff trying to join games, and company sponsered tournaments.

Why? Because it gives developers a reason to update and manage the game instead of letting it die. I mean really, why should a company care at all about your gaming experience after you've bought the game? Just think of what it could have done for JKA.

Console games have crappy controls, they'll never be as responsive as PC games until someone sucks it up and adds a mouse. Except Wii, but nothing worth shit is coming out for the Wii.

---Also, Force Unleashed is going to suck ass. Not only are they retarded for not releasing a version for PCers (the people who built Lucas Arts for 10 years). But the concept blows, its all good fun to throw around stormtroopers, but how is that ever going to work in multiplayer?

JK series did a pretty decent job with force IMO, it WAS an additional power to throw into saber fighting but people decided it would be a good idea to have 150x force regen rates.


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#20 12 years ago

No, pc games are not dying just any star wars game is.