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4th September 2005

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#21 12 years ago
ithaqua---Also, Force Unleashed is going to suck ass. Not only are they retarded for not releasing a version for PCers (the people who built Lucas Arts for 10 years). But the concept blows, its all good fun to throw around stormtroopers, but how is that ever going to work in multiplayer?

You should be thanking your lucky stars that they're not releasing a PC version, otherwise it would've given shittyness a whole new definition.

Some games simply are not made for PCs. Sonic Adventure DX, Devil May Cry, Onimusha, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, Rogue Squadron, Spider-Man 2/3, Metal Gear Solid, Enter The Matrix, Star Wars Ep3: Revenge of the Sith, etc.... I'm sure you can see the style of game I'm referring to, and that with TFU being a direct sequel to RotS (and thus sharing the same gameplay dynamics), it falls in that category.

In a counter-balance to the above MMORPG reference, it looks like WoW isn't really the top dog for player interest any more. Most people, if asked, are likely to admit that they only play it because they feel obligated to due to having pumped in so much money. They wouldn't jump up and say something like "Yeah, it's great, Blizzard are improving the game with each patch and taking on community suggestions and advice for new content!

I don't have a clue about CoH/ CoV, but they have the most brilliant concept despite shoddy execution. The one thing the two have in common - the developers don't give a rat's arse about the player community, unless there's money to be made.

In a surprising contrast, two of the most slammed MMOs of the past few years - Star WarsGalaxies and Matrix Online - are both having a popularity surge, despite being managed by the often-trased Sony Online Entertainment (and both games are getting a helluva lot better in recent years, too; SWG has improved so much that the NGE and CU changes are still noticable, but the gameplay has changed immensely from the NGE state to the point where nobody cares about that NGE/CU bullshit any more).

Don't ask me about MxO, never played it, never will. All I have are the figures, and the testimonial (read: endless bitching) of over two hundred active international players that the Live Events system sucks, fully excluding anyone outside of American from doing anything but grind. SoE have been trying to implement a "replay" system for Live Events, but sadly, the poor little dears don't seem to know where to start. Silly developers.

All of the above have one thing in common: their demographics ain't got nothing on Counter-Strike.

The thing with most MMOs is that they're entirely time-based. You either put in a lot of time, or you fail at life. Simple equation, really. Most gamers tend to lean further towards skill-based games such as Guild Wars, America's Army, or (dare I say it?) Counter-Strike, among others. Although, even a skill-based system isn't really enough.

From the above, we can conclude three things regarding the supposed death of PC gaming: 1. MMOs are not immune to the same form of extinction as any other genre, and are not the top preferred playing style among gamers. 2. Systems which reward players who hone their skills rather than spend a lot of time playing are the primary factors that interest gamers. 3. Gamers want developers who actively work to maintain and improve the game(s), and listen to the community about the direction the aforementioned improvements should go in.

99% of all games - MMORPG, FPS, RTS or whatever - lack those, hence why their reign of terror wears off so quickly.

Considering that Jedi Academy never had either one, I'm surprised it lived for more than a year, but then again, Star Wars fanboyism is a powerful force. If this game was exactly the same but not related to Star Wars in any way shape or form, I'm willing to bet that not one single person would defend it when people pointed out how bad it was.

It's rather disgusting, really. Great games are passed over as junk just because they're not Star Wars, yet terrible games are praised as the best thing since peppercorn sauce merely because they have an over-used and whored to death corporate logo slapped on the front cover.

And you people call yourselves gamers.... :vikki:

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.


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#22 12 years ago

Hey you should check out EA Mythic - Warhammer Online. It's still going to be some time to reach maximum level and stuff, but the difference is that you don't need to level up by fighting spiders over and over.

Instead, you kill enemy players. There are two factions like in WoW, can you can level through fighting monsters, but you can also level up by killing the enemy. And, instead of raiding the same dungeon 7000 times to get the uber sword of uberness, you can gain loot from enemy players (you dont drop items, you get random items as reward for defeating people).

The best gear in comes from completing the "campaign" which is basically where you and everyone on the server pushes enemy lines back and takes over all the encampments, towns, cities, etc. along the way. Until finally pushing back the defenses into their own capital, and sacking the capital city.

The best part? Not only can you get gear for just spending 20 minutes to an hour having FUN PvPing, but that gear doesn't make you Mr. insta-gib the entire zone of low geared players. It makes you "kinda tough" and pretty cool lookin, but if you suck, you suck. GG.

--Also RTS won't work on consoles. We still have Starcraft 2!


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16th September 2005

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#23 12 years ago

It's because of MMORPG's. Which are gay, and retarded.

Bloody emo kids.