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#31 13 years ago

If you want to get skill in thsi game, the place to play is Base servers. All teh most skilled in this game play there. And if u think im wrong lol i can challenge anyone here


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27th November 2006

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#32 13 years ago
Krazykritter;3718024Pirate, What is this Clone Wars Mod that is advertised in your sig? Is it out for play w/ JKA yet? Thanks a lot.

No, it's currently being made.


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#33 13 years ago


Chiming and copypasting the post I made in a different forum here, a friend linked me to here and it seems there are more people viewing this thread as well, so :


You might've heard something (positive or negative) about the Open Jedi Project -which I'll refer to as OJP for the remainder of this-, I'm going to try and tell you some more about it and let you make your own decision whether it's worth a download or not.

I come presenting OJPEnhanced. OJPE has been and is being meticulously taken care of and new features and bug fixes are to this day still being added to it. It's foundations are:

A super saber to saber fighting system:

ModDB Enhanced Saber System: Fast-paced, dynamic, movie-realistic lightsaber combat system, where duelists are given full control of their saber swings to combat each other in furious flurries of attack swings, parries, blocks, feints, and kicks. Use the unique advantages of 5 of the 7 classic lightsaber forms to strategically give you an edge in battle. [/quote]

A dodging system that will enable you to dodge lightsaber attacks, blaster shots and even explosives:

MoDb Dodge and Mishap System: Automatic dodge meter allows Jedi and gunners alike limited ability to save themselves from ranged and melee hits which would otherwise be fatal within very few hits.

A mishap system that will be more and more incorporated with OJP features and systems in the future: [quote=Moddb] Mishap simulates the balance/accuracy of the player in both saber duels and gunfights, opening up new strategies to take down your opponents.

And ofcourse the brand new experience and skillpoint system of which the foundation has already been placed, and upon which building has already started.

To give you a rundown of OJP combat: You have 3 choices when you first enter a server depending on the points you pick and the style of play you choose. You can either take guns and gadgets, a lightsaber and force or both. One making you a gunner, the other a Jedi and the third a hybrid. There are no real reprecussions (yet) to choosing one over the other, but hybrids usually have the short end of the stick when it comes to using both sides' armaments at full capacity :) For example, a hybrid that has bought Force Absorb -which now works passively as a force blocking power- is going to face some penalties on it's defense if they for example take a clone rifle with it.

There are tons of powers, skills, gadgets and guns to buy and no doubt that there will be even more in the future. Gunners have the option of buying a new retooled jetpack, a flamethrower, but also a forcefield which will knock opponents away and to the floor. Gunners have no need to fear a Jedi's telekinetic powers either when they can still use their gun from the floor! The new mishap bar has been incorporated into firing a weapon, where high mishap will mean less accuracy for a gunner. Buying a higher level gun will counter the mishap gain and enable you to use your gun to much more efficiency!

Jedi have the ability to use their dodge meters on a much broader scale than their counterparts, being able to dodge lightsaber strikes, blaster shots and even rockets and other explosives. Jedi are able to deflect, but also manually deflect shots back at their opponents to much better accuracy and lethality. Saber dueling has never been better with the arrival of power attacks, fakes, ripostes, kicks... and the mishap bar which will define saber combat in OJP.

Woo, I'll let you guys discover the rest of the features (damn there are so goddarn many) by playing!

Not only does the mod have killer features already, but it has a very active and inspired team of graphics artists, modelers and coders that are, after almost 2 years of working together, still going strong!

I sound like one of those television salesman don't I? :D It's 'cause I'm really really excited about this mod and just want to share the news about it. The only problem with this mod is lack of players! There are currently 3 active servers online, 2 of which are american. They are however usually inhabited by bots :(

I host a 6 to 8 man server each day with my entourage of betatesters but I use hamachi. If you'd like to try the mod out, I'd be happy to help you out MYSELF and will provide you with everything you need, too:

I'll have a server on and ready with some of my friends and we'll have you playing OJP in no time.

Once OJP gets some players that are willing to host good servers there won't be any need for hamachi, but untill then, this is the easiest way to get to play quick. :)

Hope to see you guys in about 5 minutes?

Besides starting a server I'll try to remain here and answer any questions you guys might have about OJP, so fire away.



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23rd April 2006

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#34 13 years ago

ABCIMe123 and sithlord6, do you guys have Xfire? I'd love it if you would come "lame" all the chat oriented (spelling?) noobs with me.