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#11 15 years ago

Our server is on default force regen settings. You should hear Darchind talk about those force regen 0 servers, heh.


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#12 15 years ago

Laming...blah, where is the fun in killing someone who is not prepared to fight you head to head? That's why it's called laming. How lame do you have to be to just go out and get free kills? 'Ohhh, take that! I owned you while you had your saber down, I'm the greatest ever!' ZZZZZZzzzzzz your the most boring ever. Blah!

Anywho, we give some slight advantage and do a regen of 160. All we get are whinners. *crying* force comes back to slow, grapple is too slow... we can't adapt to it, so we'll leave with some immature comment like 'noobs' I'm off to a zero regen server and instant grapple so we don't fall down out of stupidity...

Argh! learn to play the game!!

*gets off soap box*

as my favorite member says... 'I like soup'


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