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13th June 2005

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#141 13 years ago

Finally got a server up. It's full weapons, full Force (in exclusion to lightning)

We're still working out the problems or what ever, but if you're interested in actual FFA send me a private message.



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17th July 2006

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#142 13 years ago

Note: Did not read entire thread, too lazy Okay, I totally agree with the maker of this post. I despise these retarded "rules." My brother was playing Jedi Academy/JA+ once and he was fighting someone who was in power there (and it WAS FFA, not an arepee server) and they were having a nice duel and then at the last second, the guy put his light saber in before he died. Then he amslept my brother for laming because he had his saber in. I had to step in to get my brother out of trouble because the idiot refused to listen to my brother's reasoning.