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2nd August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Guns List. *************************************************************************** Pistol = Blaster, real strong if you charge it up (and hit). Infinte ammo!! Rifle = Blaster Rifle, a good gun that shoots fast (like most rifles) ang good DMG. Sniper = Disrupter, great if people line up kill them all in one shot. Crossbow = Bowcaster, great in close range if you charge it up and shot someone all the bolts will hit (her, him) OW! Machine Gun = Repeter, well... fast, strong, and if you need explosives fast, this is your gun. (No Clue) = Pulse Gun, this is the only spash DMG weapon that does not hurt wielder. Goes through walls. Way under rated. [UNSTOPABLE] Shotgun = Golan Arms, also good in close range except you don't need to charge. Bazzoka = Cuncussion Rifle, first fire is great splash DMG. Second fire is unstopable if you hit, OW! If you hit feet OW and (s)he's going flying! Down: Ammo consupsion. [UNSTOPABLE] Rocket Launcher = Merr-Sonn well rocket launcher with lock on. Grenades = Thermal Detonaters duh. Det Pack = Det Pack fun to place everywhere and explode. Trip Mine = Trip Mine fun, fun, fun place everywhere, keep people away from a spot, fun. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to deflect stuff Rockets, Blaster Shots, Repeter(2nd fire), Bowcaster, Thermals, Golan Arms(2nd fire), Cuncussion(1st fire) = Push Blaster Shots, Bowcaster, Repeter(1st fire) = Saber Disrupter = Sense


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#2 16 years ago

And in force mod III

Amfistaff, Run around and kill all in 1 shot. SBD missles, Crouch and press use. Dual bryer pistals, Hold down right mouse to charge up to a full killing shot, or regular attack for normal blaster fire.