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#11 14 years ago
ShunyThanks for your reply, but i searched a map like I want and i didn't found anything.I think it's because i haven't the good keywords... I can try to search "bot support holes footbridges" but i think i wont find any maps xD PS : Sorry for my bad English ... :/

Don't worry about searching specifcally for bot support, it's almost always a part of a well put together map. Your best bet is to just go into the Maps part of the site, and check out each map that sounds good to you. You'll get better results that way.

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#12 14 years ago

I'll tell you what. I'll attempt to make you a map. It seems simple. Although, it may still suck :p So you want a one-room map. Big hole with a ring around the edge, and a bridge across the top, correct? I haven't done bot-support yet, but I'll try it. If I can't do it (bot support), I'll see if some other kind mapper will assist me. I'm not making any promises, if I make an awful map, I'm not releasing it. But if it's at least decent, I'll release it. .....unless you find a suitable(spelling) one.

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