Is JK3files down again? -1 reply

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14th November 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Is down again?!! or is it just my computer? i can't seem to log on to it.

P.S. Did turk3 just vote on every poll that there is? all these old polls are on the main page again! :rolleyes:

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2nd April 2003

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#2 16 years ago


azzkikerOK OK!

Here's the low-down. Plain out and flat.

We've been working our a$$'es on a total re-vamp of all sites. That includes, new site layouts, new download mirrors, new systems, everything new and better. Now, the problem isn't there.

Here's the problem:

The company that 'manages' our servers has been great up till now. But, a couple of days ago, a small bug occured in the web-mail system and while they fixed it, they accidently screwed up something else, something totally crucial. So, for 2-3 days, work was being done on that trying to locate and bix the stupid mishap.

To top all that off, the main hoster that hosts ( is shutting down. Just like that. So that means FN itself isnt hosted so obviously it cant host other sites. We are currently trying to get a new hoster but it isnt that easy! During these 4/5 days, the hosted sites will be temporarily moved to temporary servers (if they can stand it) until a proper solution is made.

So, again, we really are sorry and apologize to the public for the inconvenience but as u can see, it wasn't our fault and we are working hard on rectifying the issues. Don't think we all have our feet up sipping a can of beer!

Regards, ~azzkiker [email][/email]



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29th September 2003

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#3 16 years ago

They seem to be having trouble again because I can't get in either. So, don't worry, you're not alone


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16th January 2004

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#4 16 years ago

well i talked to a jk3files admin (Tk-8252) and he says they are haveing some issues but they are doing there best to get everything back under control __________________________________________________________________________ |:saber:|