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TK 409er

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28th November 2003

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#51 15 years ago

hmm... guess I'll stick to mapping.

I want to review them so here it goes:

Rampaging Chewbacca: Nice Idea and good color scheme. The motion blur is nice but what annoys me and I can't get over, is the flat line over chewy's head (I'm a perfectionist with these things). Otherwise great wallpaper.

*Arevass: Keeping it simple and clean, this is my pick. I like it cause its modern feel and because it is asthetically pleasing.

A Powerful Ally... and a Formidable Foe Though nicely done, the images around the sides seem disjointed and random. The use of the eraser brush to crop these images seems a little excessive and irratates me. The center lightsaber blades however are Great.

Choose your Destiny This wallpaper is photoshopped perfectly. But I would never want it as a desktop, simply because it's SO bright. I also find it a little boring

Knights of the New Republic Almost like a starwars poster. Nice wallpaper, but i think you could have brought the characters a little closer together (rebels --> imps) , they seem a little far away from eachother (also kyle is QUITE pixelated). The only otherthing that got me was the x-wings and tie-fighters don't seem to "go with the flow" of the rest of the picture. Good work though.

Deadmeat's Background This was almost the coolest, cause it has the best possible idea. It almost looks like the characters are coming out of the lightning on the top, if you did only this it would be sweet. Also the text is a little jaring at the top. Great work.

well... good luck guys, my 10 minute background didnt' make the cut, but that's what I get for 10 minutes :D

-tk out

25th February 2004

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#52 15 years ago

So what if you win? What will happen then?

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15th March 2005

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#53 15 years ago

Read the news post. Or the first post in this thread.


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20th August 2003

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#54 15 years ago

Waaagh! 7 votes away from tieing (tying?) with 2nd! :eek: Ah well, a guy can hope, can't he? ;) Good luck, you guys! And kudos to everybody else who participated! :)


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22nd October 2005

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#55 15 years ago

Thanks for the constructive critisism TK. I appreciate your honesty. I've only been using photoshop for about a month now and still have a ton to learn. So any honest opinions are a great help and very welcome! :D