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9th August 2006

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#831 13 years ago

ive been affiliated with that team very briefly before moddb changed all around and f**ked up, which since i havent rejoined. but i think their ultimate goal is to create what kotf could be IE. Star wars saga SP i dont know about the credits and all that but it seems pointless to make new models and maps when they are available. (permision and credit applied obviously)

there ultimate intentions is to release it, so i dont think its fair to say its not original because they know it isnt but in a way it is because kotf hasnt materialised yet

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3rd September 2005

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#832 13 years ago

Well, I'm hardly a qualified profiler, but I've been reading a lot of psychology books lately. I plan on returning to college in September and studying psychology, hence the sudden reading up.

Anyway, I think I may be able to compile a partial profile of Guney with some degree of accuracy. I don't have anywhere near enough evidence to delve deep, so I'll try and limit to cursory observations and light reasoning.

OK, first off, what we know. We're dealing with a male, of Turkish ethnicity. That's about the only fully confirmed fact. That and his name.

I'd estimate very late 20s to early 30s.

Taking the con artist angle, my reasoning is that long cons take patience and confidence, they're usually low-risk by nature, and require a lot of planning and not a whole lot of action. Typically carried out by someone who's thorough and doesn't want an adrenaline rush or thrill of any kind. Anyone younger than the estimated age would have gone for a shorter con, quick, more risky, and more active. Older, it would have definitely been a long con, but the mark would also have been high value.

Another two reasons for the nature of the con. Knowledge, and expertise. Setting up long cons against high value marks requires plenty of both. It takes an experienced trickster to think up a long con with even the smallest chances of success.

Confidence is another factor. In a long con, you need to be sure of yourself. You need to be confident enough in your ability not only to plan the con, but execute it, and also to successfully improvise if it goes pear-shaped. It's a big task, and it takes nerves of steel.

Of course, that's provided this is all about money, and not the result of some psychological basis.

He's a control freak, he feels the need to be in charge. If he's in a situation where he's not pulling the strings, he'll try and get out of it as soon as possible. This hints at insecurity and extremely low self-esteem. Thus, likely isolationist in nature, as low self-esteem is almost always accompanied by lack of confidence.

Doesn't feel secure going off-script. Too many variables to consider, too many possible outcomes, and no way to control them when playing it by ear.

Highly organised, everything has to be done properly, everything has it's place. If you were to view his desk at work, or his home, you'd observe how neat and polished everything is, and how everything is always in the right spot. Everything has to be done according to plan, and when something happens that wasn't in the plan, it triggers an aggressive reaction, be it verbal or physical.

Guney seems to possess some form of persecution complex, either against him as an individual or against some group he perceives himself as the representative and/or leader of. He most likely believes that opposing him is wrong as it is discriminative in some way, regardless of what the true basis for such opposition is. This makes sense because it's the only known scenario when a subject is known to ruthlessly dispose of all who question them, even in the most minor ways, and will react in an unfocused manner, almost always too wound up to remain rational.

He'd likely blend in with a crowd to the casual observer, but one paying attention would notice minor signs of paranoia. Nothing major, just being unable to be at ease in any public environment. Minor things such as attempting to be aware of the entire environment all the time, being tense, on guard, and not focusing on any one particular thing.

Some behavioural patterns strike me as compulsive, but I don't know enough about compulsive behaviour to accurately "spot the signs", so to speak.

Psychologically, my estimation of the age is based on how he appears to view the rest of the community. He adopts an "inferior due to age" stance, relatively typical of someone within this age group. He automatically assumes a stance where, whenever someone questions him, his reaction is to suggest that they just don't understand how the world works because they're too young and immature. They're just a means to an end - none of them are viewed as equals, nor are they handled in such a way. Everyone's expendable once they've served their purpose.

Well, I'm not gonna be catching murderers or serial rapists any time soon, but I'd like to think at least some of my insight was accurate.

But on the other hand, Riles could've been right months ago, and maybe he is just a really, really terrible PR guy. But if that were the case, there'd never have been any demand for financial gain, nor the abnormal behavioural patterns, and he would've been able to prove that his mod actually existed.

It's a mixed bag no matter how you look at it.

And bloody hell, is it not easy attempting to compose a psych profile from posts on a website or forum. There's so many variables to it all, there's so much that you just can't get from letters on a screen, that unless they come out and say something directly indicative of a certain element, you'll never know it's there. Even in the real world it's hard to get in someone's head from their words alone. :Puzzled:

Of course, with some of the heads I've dived into on this eventful Saturday... Lemme tell ya, there are some seriously sick fucks out in the world.

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.


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#833 13 years ago

I can't believe I read all that... and that was some very weird posting there, Kouen. And... um... good luck with the psychology...


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8th July 2006

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#834 13 years ago

how about this profile..? hes a middle aged Turkish thief that likes to play tricks with little boys.


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#835 13 years ago
venenozo;4152936how about this profile..? hes a middle aged Turkish thief that likes to play tricks with little boys.

Exactly what I was thinking.


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19th September 2007

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#836 13 years ago
Anakin992;4151187 If you think he doesn't have a lawyer than I pity you, because with all the money he's making, if he doesn't have a lawyer than he's an idiot.

Why get a lawyer before you actually need one? He doesn't seem like a guy who would pay a lawyer "just in case". So whenever he needs one, he should make sure it's a good one. That's what I meant.


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#837 13 years ago
Anakin992;4143671To try to soften up to him. His letter was designed to fool Tim into another lie I'm guessing.

No, I didn't send him a letter. I just wondered if he'd notice it (the post) and put another lie up on his site.

If you think he doesn't have a lawyer than I pity you, because with all the money he's making, if he doesn't have a lawyer than he's an idiot.

I don't think some of the older websites that wrote articles (however small) on the mod such as IGN and GameTrailers would take his lies too kindly if he was exposed; that goes for the gaming convention that he set up at, too. He's gone all the way now, and he's either going to have to jump the ship in the middle of the night to avoid getting caught, or he's going to keep playing out this charade and end up getting caught.

I'd leave comments only to find them deleted . . .

His forums have always been fishy in that sense. Everything was too perfect, there was no trouble at all (and that NEVER happens with any modification as big as this). He basically keeps you limited to posting what he thinks should look good.


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29th July 2005

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#838 13 years ago

Amen to that Kouen. But I should add something to that. In the beginning of the mod, it seems he was actually working on it and showing a lot of progress. I think it didn't start as a scam per se, but that it slowly evolved into a scam and a hype. When he noticed people loved the 'mod' and so himself, his self-image changed and he thought he was the modding-god. He abused this concept into claiming he needed 'donations' and selling the mod. Of course, he was still working on the mod (a few menus and some easy scripting), but that wasn't enough to get what he wanted - money and fame. So, he claimed ridiculous things as hacking the SP source, reverse-engineering, etc. Most real modders immediately saw this was utter nonsense, but Guney got enough fanboys to do his bidding. Of course he couldn't release the mod, because people would immediately see it was nothing like Master Tim claimed it to be, which in this case led to continuation of missed releases, an epic saga of lies and deceive. However, after it went like that for the past two and a half years, many people got impatient and moved on to other games - Guney responded with big fuss about releases (March 1st, November 5th), but that didn't went according to plan. He hoped for more fanboys but what he got was many people who had enough of him and his mod. He went into hiding, tried milking the last money out of it via the selling of the mod. Seeing this story, I think he will likely disappear for good in the near future.


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#839 13 years ago

He might, but I'd say we'll find out that he's been murdered some day. I'm not joking either. I used to work on a Call of Duty mod team, and we kept in touch with some of the other modders. There was going to be a mod that looked very promising (bigger than Forgotten Hope; Pacific War, Western and Eastern Fronts, North African and even Italian campaigns as either the Axis or Allies). Turned out that it was a hoax, too, exposed by a team member who claimed that he was doing it because of his "originally good and honest intentions". The main mod creator who was responsible had, like Tim, been accepting donations. Two weeks later, his home had burned down... he burned with it. Gasoline had been used to burn down the house (or so we were told by his friends), and the team was forced to repay the stolen amounts of donations. Nobody knew who did it or why, and the case is still open today. They shut off the mod page and made it look like it never existed. There's no mention of it in forums, which is unfortunate, and it serves as a lesson if you think you're really going to get away with this crap. True story, too. The mod's vice-coordinator stole some of the donations (got over a thousand dollars) and was sent to prison after being caught. You can view his profile on IGN.com (search for the name "Snoobla"; permanently removed from the site; IGN made sure to keep it quiet, though; he also was sentenced to prison for running his IGN account off a stolen credit card). This hoax of KotF isn't just a case of theft anymore, it's a possible case of Tim's life hanging in the balance. You get some of these hard-core adults who watch mods like this for years and years and then find out it's fake, and you get a lot of trouble stirred up; and considering how big Tim's mod became, you could have a couple of people like that coming for you. There was another case with a Half-Life mod that resulted in a hard-core fan shooting the mod's main coordinator, for lying to him, with a pistol and then hanging himself in the guy's basement. I don't mean any of this as a threat, I'm just saying that it's a dangerous game to play.


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#840 13 years ago

Wow, never heard any of that before. I hate Tim, but I would never want him dead, but if he does get murdered (I seriously hope not), he did get what was coming to him. He MUST know there are psychopaths out there that WOULD kill for something like this.