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9th February 2005

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#31 13 years ago

Damn straight. Alot of friends i have say i should take a break from the game, and that i dont have a life outside of this game. [caution, corny nerdy sentences below] heh, well to those people, I do have a life. I help around the school, i have a handful of fun and loyal friends, and i spend as much time away from my parents influence as possible.


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#32 13 years ago

Hmmm... Gir What u just wrote doesnt feel quite right to me. U say that the VaS members are retards... And that is a pretty dumb thing to say, especially when u dont even know them. And that u say such things about VaS, is seriously pissing me off. VaS is not just a clan, no, VaS is more of a community. I have been in a few clans before, they all died (I blame World of Warcraft). So I was clanless again after the death of my last clan. I started to play JKA when I was bored or was in need of entertainment. But then I came across VaS, found a lot of new friends I could play and hang around with... Hell, we even chat on TS. So u see why Im being just a tad PISSED OFF when u write those stupid things about VaS. Its not the only thing that bothers me... But the fact that u imply that Buffy doesnt have a life, and that VaS is the only thing she got... THAT might be even worse. Buffy means the world to me, and when I hear some1 say things like that to bring her down I just wanna ... She has strugled to keep VaS alive, and in that... Shes a success. I know that VaS has been through some rough times, yea. But the clan never died... And why ? ...Coz of Buffy. I have seen clans go down when just the slightest things went wrong, but VaS never did. This might sound a bit corny, but Buffy is a great inspiration to me, aswell as for others. And when some1 says things like the comments Gir just made, its been VERY disrespectful in my book. Just a piece of my mind... - MorteN