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3rd August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Then try this new game created by =GoW=Jadus-Jenova and =GoW=TIBERIUS.

Breakout Overview: There are three groups of teams; the attackers, the hostages (prisoners), and the guards. The attackers try to locate and rescue the hostages while the guards must protect them.

Required: At least one coopertive server administer (This will be needed to merc everyone), and at least three coopertive players (5+ players for it to be really fun).

Teams: (recommended) Four Players: Two hostages (prisoners), one attacker, and one guard

Five Players: Two guards, two attackers, one hostage (prisoners)

Six Players: Two of everything

Seven Players: Three hostages (prisoners), two guards, two attackers.

Etc. Recomended Map: Sith Council

How to Play: Basic Rules and Notes: Attackers and Guards have two lives, while the hostages only have one. The Guards lose if they execute the hostages before the hostage tries to escape. If all of the hostages die trying to escape, the Guards win. At the start of the game, the guards take the hostages and go hide somewhere in a room. Once they are ready and say so, the attackers begin their hunt for the Guards. To stop the guards from camping, every minute of the game time the hostage has the option to tell the attacker (through messagemode3) to go to a certain room. The Guard must comply with the hostage, and all of the hostages and Guards then move to the desired location. This works well for both the Attackers and the Guards, since the Guards will be moving and will be vunerable to an ambush, but at the same time the Guards will have switched places, making the Attackers have to start searching all over again (Note: The minute time can be tweaked accordingly). Once a hostage sees an Attacker, he/she can either fight the Guards or run back to the spawn point (The spawn point is a place where all the players agree on). Once the hostage runs back to the spawn point, the Attackers win.

The following is a more in depth look at each role.

Playing as an Attacker: At the start of the game, everyone is merced. The attackers only have access to the following weapons: Both of the charge pistols (Braayar and the other), Thermal Detonators, and the standard rifle (Stormtrooper rifle). Before the game begins, all the attackers go to the beginning of the map or in an isolated room (If playing Sith Council, either of the Dojos will do). There, you must wait until the Guards give you the okay to start searching. Since the Guards have the advantage in firepower, it is wise that you use stealth and ambush the enemy rather than to take them head on. Once a hostage comes into view, it is recommended that you guard the hostage with your life and hold off the Guards until the hostage can escape.

Playing as a Guard: You have access to the following weapons: Imperial Heavy Repeater, Pistol (any of them), and Trip Mines. However, to avoid killing your own hostages and teammates, it is recommended that you do not right click fire, because shooting it out in close corners with splash, it's likely to reflect back on you and kill you. The regular fire is more than enough to take care of any enemy. Every minute of game time the hostage informs you on a place you need to go (by whispering through messagemode3). You must round up all of your fellow guards and hostages and move there. If a hostage tries to run (even before the attackers come into view) you may kill them without losing the game. But that is only if they try to run, otherwise you will lose if you kill an innocent hostage. A further note: You cannot place a 'jail' of trip mines around the hostage, which makes it impossible for him to move.

Playing as a Hostage/Prisoner: You do not have access to any weapons, and when merced, you must always have melee on. If you decide to revolt against the guards, however, you may use your fists (Good luck with that, btw). Your main objective is to stay alive and relocate strategically with the guards every minute of game time (a note: The minute time can be tweaked into two or three minutes). When you try to escape you must reach the spawn point (that was decided at the start of the game) alive for you and the attackers to win.

Happy hunting! Any further questions or comments please feel free to post here! Copywritten 2004 - Jadus-Jenova and Tiberius


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8th April 2003

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#2 16 years ago
Looking for a fun new way to play JA?



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8th July 2004

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#3 16 years ago

OK... so where do I play this? Is there a server for this game or what?


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25th August 2003

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#4 16 years ago

ok that is dumb they will just stand buy a door and shot them when the come thought


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2nd June 2004

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#5 16 years ago

no just place trip mines and then as soon as tehy enter boom then they move to next location and trip mine that


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9th February 2004

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#6 16 years ago

It might be fun, but I think if you want some thing new just go fly x-wings or something.