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13th June 2010

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#1 8 years ago

Hey i was lust looking at the KOTOR 2 filefront downloads and noticed that theres like nine different modding teams so i thought "wow theres only like 2 or three modding teams for JKA and JKO so why dont i make one" so if i did a modding team i am still picking names.Unfortunatly im still picking names and ofcourse recruiting.Here are some names i thought of

Team Katarn Team Skywalker Team Ragnos Team Fett

so what do you think???But since i have no clue how to script/model i would have to organize,submit,and do everything else that involves making a modding team

The only thing i dont want on a modding team are people who are noobs and will ruin everything.If you want to join send me a PM and make the Title Modding Team or just leave a comment.

-Darth Katarn

leader of Team if it goes well