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25th June 2004

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#1 17 years ago

For the next game i hope they really put forth some effort. When i play JKA and JKO i dont even feel like i'm playing starwars everyone just looks like an ass to me and i get mad and it sucks >=( I hope they put some detail in like differnt saber sounds for sith and jedi like in the movies depending on your skin saber or force side. Sparks that fly off medal when you swing at it as well as the melted trail. Such as in ep1 where he hits the mine thing to have sparks fall on obi More taunts that are custimizeable rather then one for one skin and the rest that you cant use, and flexable combat. Such as kicking with single saber or something just not so cheap sounding. Perhaps even battlefield engine to allow seige to be not laggy and stupid also bigger. Built in npc system like the last hope mod provides only none glitchy and more options and abilities. I don't know i dont really care about single player. Its the multiplayer i buy pc games for and its what keeps the game alive after all that and mods. But mods are mostly mutliplayer. Why can't companies do more for the multiplayer :(


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29th July 2004

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#2 16 years ago

I'd rather have the saber fighting be more like the movies too.

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16th March 2003

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#3 16 years ago

Your best bet is if you have a Playstation 2 or X-Box and don't mind getting and trying out the Episode 3 video game. Out of most any Star Wars game or mod out there, the lightsaber combat seems pretty realistic and true-enough to the movie it is based on.

One can only hope for some good mod for a game or a new game featuring complex and realistic (laser)sword play to come out sometime sooner or later, and I'm doubting that...


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8th April 2005

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#4 16 years ago

you know, jedi knight with an better enige would make more possible too, perhaps when the time comes, instead of that old quake 3 enige, something like an half life 2 enige, or an doom 3 enige, you know, that would make it all better, and ofcourse alot of features, things from the movie!


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#5 16 years ago

I'd also rather have saber fights more like in the movies, were you're constantly attacking and blocking, not just swing, run away, swing, run away.


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15th April 2005

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#6 16 years ago

I'd like it if blocking was switched to a button so that instead of someone standing out there, not know you are sniping them, doesn't just knock back the blast without the actual player even knowing what was going on...

Note: Considering alot of servers are filled with cry babies I have never been in a good position with a blaster so I have not sniped in MP, but I have a pretty good idea that this is how it works. If it isn't and I am horribly wrong, forgive me.

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16th October 2006

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#7 16 years ago

We need lightsabre combos. I sense a disturbance in the modding community...


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15th March 2005

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#8 16 years ago

The force needs fixed, grip is too powerful used with the kick mod, force lightning is way too weak, especially after seeing it used in episode 3, and the ability to throw/levitate objects at opponents will give it more realism. I say remove drain and absorb, have a light power that counters lightning like Yoda in episode 2.


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26th September 2003

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#9 16 years ago

.:TLJK:.Chris{CL}The force needs fixed, grip is too powerful used with the kick mod, [/QUOTE]

Grip is only "too powerful" because too many servers have the idiotic setting of g_forceregentime 0 (20,000% faster than default). g_forceregentime 0 lets people spam Grip.

[QUOTE=.:TLJK:.Chris{CL}] I say remove drain and absorb, have a light power that counters lightning like Yoda in episode 2.

Um, Absorb already counters Lightning. Not only does it protect you from Lightning, the Lightning recharges your Force meter when you have Absorb on.

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19th May 2005

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#10 16 years ago

we need less moves,less katas, less force, less spam and more timing and skill. be skilled, use single saber