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29th July 2005

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#31 15 years ago

Me and my clan RP a lot. We do it a bit differently. We have guns, force, and sabers and we actually do what we are talking about(I've been to some RP servers and its just stand and talk, how boring). Inyri is right, its idiots who ruin the community. How many times have you seen "OMFG n00b! Ur such a lamer!! Get out of our server!"? Thats who ruins the community. :nodding:

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#32 15 years ago

I have an RPing clan. {NTS} It's new and its just for JK3/MovieBattles2. We just released the first episode/introduction to a new Samurai series we are working on. It is submitted to PCGM, but soon it will be found on JK3files also, I hope. If you would like to know more, e-mail me.


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15th October 2005

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#33 15 years ago

Chris JohnsonBut mainly, I wanted to reply to this:





As far as Quake 3-engine powered games go, third-person views are possible in any of those games. Yet they're still First-Person Shooters by definition, and if not, then mainly action-based. Does that make the Quake 3 Engine-powered games more than First-Person Shooters then? Granted, Dark Forces 2 had a third-person mode for Lightsabers too before the Quake games and later FPS games had it (which made DF2 unique then, before all the mods for previous games that enabled Third-Person Views in games like Doom and Quake). And the Lightsaber is a melee weapon, but it's just that; a melee weapon. To me, it's cooler than the melee fist in the Doom games. But the point is, it's a melee weapon, and since Doom or even Wolfenstein 3D (if I remember), melee weapons had been used.



Well, granted, even DF2's Lightsaber weapon is more complicated than Doom's fist or chainsaw, but the Lightsaber in the JK games aren't unique as it's a melee weapon in an FPS game, such as Quake 3's Gauntlet weapon, Doom and Doom 2's fist and chainsaw, Elite Force 2's Bat'leth, Goldeneye 007's karate-chop, etc.

So, to summarize my point: JK2/JA's third-person view and a Lightsaber isn't original and doesn't necessarily make it "more than an FPS". And you do play a role in an FPS game; a role to kill enemies/opponents in a selected place and each time you're defeated, you're ressurected. I'm not arguing against RP as it's more of an opinion thing than a debatable issue, even though people like us do try and turn it into a debate, no matter how civil or chaotic they become. I've stated my opinion on that. But I wanted to argue against the statement that "JK2 and JA are unique because they have a third-person view and a melee weapon." Neither are a unique feature, and both features didn't make other First-Person Shooters "much more than an FPS". The Force, maybe. But not the Lightsaber and third-person views.

I never said that other games didn't have Third Person capabilities mind you. I stated the added third person view makes it more than a FPS, because 3rd person view is ENABLED not by cheat but by game command. Many FPS if not all have a CHEAT for TPV, but not many let you execute this by a key on your keyboard without setting a keybind in the console (what I mean is it will say Third PErson View and you can set a key for it in the GAME MENU, something other FPS dont let you do.) And another thing, the guns on JK3 are played with, but not as much as the Lightsabers, in Singleplayer most ppl (not all) don't even use guns. We stick to the sabers. So now that you know what I really said and meant, what do you have to say!? Because you clearly misunderstood. Or i just didn't explain good enough, but anyway thats what I mean.