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#1 13 years ago

Things seem to have gotten quieter around here lately as far as rule violations go, so I figure we can relax the rules now.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- - [COLOR=DarkOrange]No Profanity -> Profanity in Moderation[/COLOR] The "no profanity" rule is basically obsolete now, due to a decision by the administration during the recent FAQ revamp. Just be aware, that there's a time, a place, and a proper way of using profanity. We won't slap your wrist or confiscate your DS just because you said a naughty word - just don't overdo it, and don't use it to troll/flame, and you should be fine. With great power comes great responsibility. Same thing applies for extensive vocabularies, too.

- [COLOR=DarkOrange]Derogatory Comments[/COLOR] Basically, this rule says "Everyone be the Happy Tree Friends!". Now, if someone's acting like an asshole, I dunno about any of you, but I'd tell them they're acting like an asshole. I'd like to change this one to "Keep it civil!". If someone needs putting in their place, fair enough, but bottom line is - don't let it get hostile, and don't be offensive. If it descends into hostility, walk away.

- [COLOR=DarkOrange]Thread Bumping[/COLOR] There's really no need to do this. It's spammy, and it won't get you more or less attention anyway, because threads are marked as new for everyone until they read them. In fact, thread bumping may make people less likely to assist you, as it tends to annoy people. We won't bust your arse over it too much unless you do it enough to become intolerably annoying, but it's probably in your best interests to heed our recommendations and not bump threads.

- [COLOR=DarkOrange]Posting in Old Threads[/COLOR] Threads expire after thirty days, that's the way it's always been, except the plugin doesn't work any more. Let's relax this rule and set it at two months before a thread is considered "expired". Again, bumping to prevent a thread crossing that threshold is covered above, so if you have something to add to a discussion, don't worry about the age too much unless it's more than two months.

- [COLOR=DarkOrange]Backseat Moderating[/COLOR] We don't consider this an official rule any more, but it's more of a better judgement thing. We're not going to stop you from expressing concern over a thread, but if you think action does need to be taken - report.gifreport it, then leave it be and let myself, STALKER, or a supermod get to it, review the situation, and act accordingly.

- [COLOR=DarkOrange]Advertising is not permitted![/COLOR] I see no reason to change this, really. We have the Shameless Advertiser for people to advertise their links, etc, plus you're allowed a link in your sig so long as it doesn't violate the advertising rules, but I think it should really remain unspoken, one of those "common sense" things.

Clan adverts in the clan forum is a no-brainer, no change there.

- [COLOR=DarkOrange]JKFiles Site Policies[/COLOR] Non-negotiable, really. It's not my place to dictate site policies, and it would be stupid to have JKFiles, and the JKFiles forums, having conflicting policies. Inyri's really the only one with influence over this rule, by updating JKFiles policies.

- [COLOR=DarkOrange]Forum FAQ[/COLOR] Obviously, all guidelines laid out in the FAQ apply, as these are global forum guidelines, i.e. the rules I'm supposed to enforce as written by the Pantheon of Gods (i.e. the WoW addicts who allegedly run this place ;) ) --------------------------------------------------------------------

Remember, if you have a problem with a decision made by a member of staff, contact them via PM, keep calm and civil, and work towards a peaceful resolution.

If a user violates the GamingForum Guidelines/rules they may be warned, temp banned, permanently banned, or if you are really bad we may just give you to n0e so he can have some fun with you. ;)

Posts can be reported via the report.gif button which is located in the top-right section of every post.

You can also do more with your posts with the vB code, click here for more information.

Originally Posted by Marker0077 and Elmo

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.

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#2 13 years ago
Kouen;4146065It's like having a robot with a green left arm and a red right arm. :clueless:
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Other then that, I fully agree with you here.