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#1 13 years ago

Hey guys, I'm got this game a few days ago and allready finished it. I really liked all of it but there is one thing I just love to do myself, kill with tavion/ragnos's scepter and sith sword. I know I can get the sith sword but I also want that red glow which comes from tavions hand when she is possessed by ragnos in the last level. Is this possible? But above all of this I would like to be able to use tavion/ragnos's scepter. I tried some cheats like 'saber tavion_sith_sword' and 'playermodel tavion_scepter' but with the first one I only get the sword, without the glow and with the second command I only get a red lightsaber without the scepter confusedx.gif Could somebody help me with this 'BIG' problem? winkx.gif Pjotr ps. I want to shoot with the scepter as tavion does! coolx.gif


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#2 13 years ago

sorry but you cant fight with a scepter :( also a noghri gun jawa gun tusken staff or sniper and scepter as for the red glow thing, dont know


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#3 13 years ago

that's too bad.. I really wanted this to be able, but well.. maby some other time in the future.. thanks anyway. The red glow thingie doesn't matter btw. It doesn't do something anyway.. Btw, I DID find a mod called angel weapons where you can hold a scepter with some strange lazer/glow thing in it ( really irritating in a fight though ). Still can't shoot with it though.. too bad but eh.. still handling a scepter ;)