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31st March 2008

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Hello all,

We reorganised and are now known as the Terminative 3 Education Centre. We opened all our doors to the public and have set up a great new education system, with classes, exams (check out the requirements). We renewed a lot, and created a new website lay-out and organisation based on the principal of 'let's keep it simple but clear'. The same has been applied in our classes which are open to everyone who likes to register now. Feel free to show up as a team / clan / community or just you and your friends or you alone. We're able to help everyone and work with an effective structure to help you. We're a public home now and also invite everyone on the filefront forums to have a look :)

YouTube - ‪Terminative 3 Education Centre (2011)‬‏ Jedi Knight Academy - Terminative 3 - Homepage

Greetings, The Terminative 3 Management