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#1 12 years ago

I am considering running an RPG, mainly tect based, but using Jedi Academy for duels and battles, based around the Clone Wars. I hope to use the wonderful mods at the Jedi Knight Files website to pit canon characters, including central ones, in locales we all know and love, although I hope there are some new faces and locations as well. Also, while we are beginning with the Battle of Geonosis, by no means must our story follow that of the canon Clone Wars. It will be completely AU, with some guidance from me, the gamemaster, to ensure things don't get too crazy (All the main charachters killed, etc.) Also, because the Star Wars story is so centered on ANakin, I have elected to choose him as my character. Will he don the Cape and Mask? Only the future may tell. I am thinking of the following for characters: General Grievous Obi Wan Kenobi Count Dooku Mace Windu Yoda Darth Sidious/Palpatine Aayla Secura Padme Amidala Jango Fett Quinlan Vos Clone Commanders Custom Characters & More! If we could get a modder on board, to tweak some stuff specifically for this RPG, that would be awesome, otherwise, email me with your character choices, first come, first serve (although if a player is not active, or is just really bad at RPing and JA, I hold the power to take a canon character and give it to another member) Happy Hunting!


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#2 12 years ago

I don't understand how someone can even consider doing this and calling it fun. Anyway good luck I guess