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#1 16 years ago

------The Jedi Academy Stunt Show------

In the days of misinfants the stunt performer emerged putting His/Her life at risk the stunt performer never stopped in pulling a stunt off


I looking for people who can handle the pressure of driving a swoop over a building and that can person who can fly a lamba shuttle into a wall and pull it up just in time i am looking for people who can handle the pressure of pulling off a trick so if you can spare a couple of hours a week to practise then this is for

But How Will It Be Done ????

-Well we will be performing on peoples servers and the show will be recorded for people to download

What Do You Basicly Need ????

-I need stuntmen/women, a mapper, a person to film it, and finally a crowd to be there when we film it

Also you can view the advert at

if you have anymore questions post a comment and if you want to help please email me on [email][/email]


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#2 16 years ago

I'm not sure if I can do this but it sounds really cool... Do u have MSN Messenger/AOL/AIM etc etc. ? if you have, then please add [email][/email] ..... :beer: