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17th March 2003

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#1 13 years ago

Personally, I never thought something like this should've been in the poll due to typical flaming that I have seen as comments on the poll. Of course, FileFront is likely U.S.-centric in location, so I could see some reasons why the poll was naturally up there for Fireworks Day.

Here's my opinion: I voted "Blew up the Deathstar" for no reason whatsoever because I didn't do most anything of the above and never bothered to see the fireworks in Fireworks Day (A note, I considered July 4th to be something like what I designate it as ever since I was a kid, so I call it that even though I know that July 4th is when the America declared independance in 1776.). I did have a good time with my German Shepherd dog however, and played some Movie Battles II. I live in the U.S. but I am not some proud, patriotic citizen. I do, however, like the country and appreciate living in it and the freedoms I have, etc. etc. But I am not proud of this or that... Sure, I'm an American, I think like an American, but I prefer to see the world as a whole, borders or not.

The United States of America is a good country. So are most other countries around the world. I'm for peace, not war, all the time. That doesn't mean I'll dis the guy in charge that led us into war because I'm not a hateful and spiteful person, or I try not to be under most circumstances. Of course I do slip up and become so for the most untrivial reasons or even trivial reasons, as is evidenced before. Nobody's perfect.

However, some have room for improvement on getting closer to perfection, as is evidenced in the comments section of our current poll. Maybe it's because for democrats and non-Americans that hate and spite is a popular fad and a hobby, and that one should experience it by performing such him or herself. That I don't understand at all... It's something human that I don't approve of, a type of pointless immaturity, much like the "doing-nothing-in-JK-until-getting-lamed-then-whining" immaturity found in most JK2/JA servers today.

Where I falter into this is likely using "hate" to counter "hate", much like Luke using the Dark Side of the Force to counter Vader's usage of the Dark Side in and get the best of him, as seen in Episode VI. I don't understand the radical opinions of KotFQuig and how he insults other countries such as Japan in order to justify his conservative beliefs, much like how I don't understand Wippersnipper's anti-American hypocrisy as well as the 225+ that probably voted that they hate the country they live in. I don't get it...

The 225+ are likely the Liberal Democratic extremists I've come to groan and sigh upon as pure idiots who just follow gossip and misconceptions in politics, going with the fad, the flow of hatred against one President George W. Bush... Very sadly, most of the 49% last year who didn't get their wish likely share the same hatred and blind anger against him as well as misconceptions. Now, mind you, I said most, not all. I still could be wrong, it might not even be most, but many internet-savy users give me said impression that most do, driving me out of politics... I find that almost every one of them don't have a valid reason to support their hatred that was gathered from the hatred of others, and even spit off lies as if they were the truth. I'm not a fan of George W. Bush, but I say he's still doing good as a President, and would approve of him over Kerry, even though I think better candidates could've been hashed out from both parties. And it isn't just politics that most people tend to use hatred in, too!

The hateful and spiteful people around the world tend to engage in hypocrisy most of the time in a daily basis. They tend to hate something they tend to use or love at the same time. Let's take Star Wars for example and it is a good example. People loathe George Lucas for years even though they like Star Wars, and they tend to hate remakes of movies/comics/TV shows, etc. No matter how good it can be, they'll hate it. Hate, hate, hate. People tend to hate and yet somehow embrace something specific. As I mentioned, Star Wars is a good example: "I hate George Lucas! Even though he made Star Wars and I love it, I still hate him! He took my childhood away from me! Waaah! Oh, how I hate him since 1997! Han Solo shot first! Waaah!" *sigh* Good god. The Special Editions, even the DVD versions, I tend to dislike, but not hate. Episode 1 wasn't bad at all, and neither was Episodes 2 and 3. Yet people just hate it and find this or that reason to dislike it, right down to the Lightsaber rotoscoping!

I bet these people wouldn't know good acting if it was right in front of them. They think everything is horrible, period. Why? I don't get it, hating for no reason. They hate the media for this or that show, they hate this country for so and so reason, they think all the wrong reasons. Some even go as far as to be racist for no real valid reason, such as in here or in the London bombing news commenting thread here in the Filefront websites.

I tend to be open-minded and optimistic on things, and in so doing both innovative concepts, I learned to actually like the U.S., like Japan (I lived there fifteen years ago, by the way.), to like other countries and like many other tings, even forms of entertainment many don't like, be it something like the campy and optimistic future-esque show known as Star Trek or the time travel-centric series Doctor Who or the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, or reality TV shows or certain other dramatic shows or movies, or even forms of entertainment from other countries.

I pose a question (or a few) to those hypocritical people who hates the United States but appreciates American things (Star Wars or just video games, even): Why hate the U.S.? To those extremist pessimists (especially those living in the U.S. who hates being a citizen of the U.S.) who hates everything (even the government): Why not appreciate what you have? We still have the freedom we normally take for granted that we wouldn't have if we were a citizen of a country such as Iraq (some years ago) or North Korea. I'm sure you'll live through being chatkilled and killed with your lightsaber turned off in this Star Wars-related First-Person Shooter that you somehow confused as some odd RPG, I'm sure you'll appreciate life and not complain about it over time. I'm sure you'll learn to like many things that you learned to hate (even though you don't know it at all)...

In conclusion: Politics shouldn't be a flame war, the U.S. isn't as bad as you believe it to be, JA is a game meant for fun so don't complain about being killed in-game, the world isn't all that bad, the SW prequels are better than you think, hate isn't all it's cracked up to be, and it is safe to go outside your houses. Unless I change my mind (which I doubt), I won't bother defending an opinion, as it is just that, an opinion, and not substance for a debate.

Go outside, people. The sun is shining, the weather is warm. You'll learn to enjoy life to the fullest if you had an open mind.